Rad Research: Mimicking Caloric Restriction

The key to longevity is eating right and being active. Ask anyone – your doctor, your nutritionist, or your third-cousin ( twice removed),  and they will re-iterate the fact that healthy lifestyle choices and physical activity will help you age gracefully and live a healthy life. It seems simple enough: nourish your body with the […]

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Your Ideal Beach Body and Fats

With bikini season dawning upon us, isn’t it hard not to fall into those tempting fad diets? Maybe you’ve heard about entirely eliminating, or greatly reducing, your fat intake and in turn, you will be granted the body of a god(dess)? It’s important not to get too caught up in these trends, although some are […]

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Summer Salad

Gee whiz, the weather is beautiful! After this ridiculously long winter, I am beyond thankful that spring has finally sprung, and the temperature is slowly warming up. Today was an exceptionally nice day in Niagara, and with it being Sunday, I couldn’t help but sit outside with a good book, catch some rays, tank up […]

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