Rad Research: Friend or Foe? Here’s why you should love your (brown) fat

It’s almost on the daily that we hear someone comment on his or her weight. In our thin-obsessed society, it’s hard not to be sucked into the mentality of “the thinner, the better”. We’ve grown accustom to the idea that fat is fat, and that fat is bad. Super-models prancing the runway conceptualize the unrealistic […]

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Orange you glad it’s pumpkin season?!

Three cheers for fall! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray! ‘Tis the season once again for all things pumpkin – the jolly orange fruits are available at farmers markets, fall-favourite “pick-your-own” farms have opened their gates, and Starbucks specialty drink sales are skyrocketing. I’m pretty darn tootin’ excited about this new season. Although I’m a huge fan […]

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Going nuts for coconuts

Everyone is going nuts for coconuts! The health benefits of coconut oil and coconut water are a hot topic in the nutrition industry these days. Many people swear that the oil of this fruit has positively impacted their overall well-being, and have resorted to only using this particular “healthy” oil when preparing meals. Refueling after […]

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Cocoa Crazy

I love chocolate. That’s a well known fact among my friends. There’s no doubt that if I had no self-control whatsoever, I would be eating chocolate at every meal, every single day . Luckily for cocoa lovers like myself, there are loads of healthy alternatives to a chocolate bar which will still help satisfy that craving. One of my favourite chocolate-inspired recipes […]

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Terrific Tomatoes

As a child, I used to hate tomatoes. Coming from a fruit and veggie lover, that seems absurd, doesn’t it? I wasn’t exactly a picky-eater, but I sure as heck did not want anything to do with tomatoes. They were too squishy, too seedy, too red – basically, anything and everything was wrong with them, […]

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Power to the Pumpkin

Booya Grandma, I made some bread! I’ve become quite interested in pumpkin seeds because of their impressive health benefits, and I like to throw these little wonders into so many different dishes. This under-rated seed is one which should be gaining as much popularity as chia seeds, hemp seeds, or grape seeds. Did you know […]

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Your Ideal Beach Body and Fats

With bikini season dawning upon us, isn’t it hard not to fall into those tempting fad diets? Maybe you’ve heard about entirely eliminating, or greatly reducing, your fat intake and in turn, you will be granted the body of a god(dess)? It’s important not to get too caught up in these trends, although some are […]

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